High Plains Educational Cooperative
Board of Director’s Meeting
April 20, 2017
6:30 PM
Chrissie Mangels
Marcy Fierstein
Eric Erven
Ross Kuttler
Jeff Rollins
Mary A James
Shelly Harris
Asst. Director
Christie Webb
Dave Younger
Sheila Walker
Ron Smith
Brian White
Mike Bultena
Dan Kullot
1.       Call to Order
Eric Erven, Board President, called the meeting to order at 7:01 PM.
2.       Approve Agenda
Ron Smith moved to approve the agenda as presented.  Mike Bultena seconded the motion. Motion carries 9 yes, 0 no.
3.       Approve Minutes of Regular March Meeting
Ross Kuttler moved to approve the minutes from the March meeting as presented. Brian White seconded the motion. Motion carries 9 yes, 0 no.
4.       Approve Accounts Payable
Christie Webb moved to approve the accounts payable as presented. Ron Smith seconded the motion. Motion carries 9 yes, 0 no.
5.       Comments from the Public
There were none in writing.
6.       Committee Reports
           a.       RSC Report
There was no report.
           b.       Superintendents Council
Dave Younger gave the report.
7.       Staff
a.       Contracts/Resignations
Jeff Rollins moved to accept with regrets the resignation effective at the end of the 2016-17 school year from Andy Gillen, Adaptive PE, Susan Heddlesten, IR teacher at Satanta Jr/Sr High School and Emily Watkins, IR teacher at Deerfield Elementary.  Mike Bultena  seconded the motion. Motion carries 9 yes, 0 no.
Chrisite Webb moved to offer contracts to Karen Pounds, IR teacher at Scott City Middle School, Linda Steele, IR teacher  at Greeley Co. Jr/Sr High School and  Lori Smith, IR teacher at Lakin Elementary School.  Ron Smith seconded the motion. Motion carries 9 yes, 0 no.
Ron Smith moved to offer contracts for the 2017-18 school year to Kimberly McMillin, PT, Kristen Reaves, OT and Karin Jordan, OT. Brian White seconded the motion. Motion carries 9 yes, 0 no.
           b.       IEP Review Day
There will be an IEP Review day held at HPEC April 22nd .  Peer review of IEPs and file review for Indicator 13 will be the topic for the work day.
           c.       Staff Transfers and Openings
Marcy shared the staff changes and transfers for the 2017-18 school year as they stand right now.
8.       Budget Committee Meeting
There will be a budget committee meeting at 6:00 PM prior to the May 18th board meeting. A notice will be sent to the committee members with the agenda.
9.       Staff Development
The administrative team shared the reading group met on April 10th, Elementary IR (K-2) , April 5th, SLP’s April 4th and the Behavior  group went to Liberal for a meeting April 13th.  The reading group will be back in on May 31st.
10.    Negotiations
The teachers letter concerning negotiations was on the table.
11.    Summer Impact Institute
The administrative team and Facilitators will be attending the Summer Impact Institute in Topeka June 20th and 21st.
12.    Director’s Report
           a.       Targeted Improvement Plan (TIP)
The grant plan window opens on April 30th and will be submitted by June 30th . This grant supports state performance plan areas in need of improvement.
           b.       Indicator 13 Collection
The Indicator 13 collection window is open. HPEC is collecting information on transition services for children 16 and older. It is a compliance indicator and we must be 100% compliant.  
13.    2017-18 District Calendars
Please send in the approved district calendars for 2017-18.
14.    Other
Form 308, SpEd transportation is due May 10th.
Eric urged the board members to bring their superintendents to the budget committee meeting.
15.    Adjourn
Jeff Rollins moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:26 PM. Ron Smith seconded the motion. Motion carries 9 yes, 0 no.
President, Board of Directors