A student can misbehave for a number of reasons and it is well known that we have little control over how a student behaves.  We can change the environment, we can try to understand, and we can change our responses. By utilizing these three factors we can influence the behavior of others.

To truly understand the nature of behavior we must look for the function.  What purpose does the behavior serve for the student?  What need is met?

The Role of a Behavior Consultant
Behavior Consultants support teachers by offering insight into problem behavior and providing strategies to modify the environment or teaching skills to more effectively work with students that have behavioral challenges.
Behavior Consultants also provide professional interpretation of a variety of behavioral observations and psychological reports.


When to Access Behavior Consultant Services
After in class strategies have been implemented
When SIT needs support
To support comprehensive evaluations
To support or consult on behavior goal changes

How to Access Behavior Consultant Services

Speak with your HPEC supervisor.

*Please remember it is always best practice to contact the parents or guardian before the interventionist!!  “Mommy, somebody was watching me today…”

What the Behavior Consultant Needs from You…

An open mind.  Remember we aren’t looking at a bad kid, just bad behaviors.

A minimum of 2 weeks of data (Anecdotal, Check Sheets, Time on Task, Sticker Charts, etc.).

Copies of data collection each week (after a system is set up).

Precipitating factors i.e. what is happening that influence behavior.

Copies of any current Individual Learning Plans or Behavior Plans.

Here’s what you’ll get from the Behavior Consultant

3-5 hours of observation over the course of 2 weeks.
Typed report of data including:
    Possible Functions
    Recommendations to consider
    An emphasis on positive things that are happening now.
Data Collection System and compilation of data.
Consultation on writing of behavior plans.
Substitutes can be provided for your class while we work together on intervention techniques.
Mandt Team practice sessions (separate from certification courses).
Ongoing communication and support regarding your student.
Functional Behavioral Assessments for the student.
Behavior rating scales if appropriate.
Extra social skills intervention in special cases.
Inservice and training that is available….
Setting Limits that Work
Preventing Power Struggles
Function: Understanding the Why…
Behavior Supports for Paras
How to Engage the Attention Challenged Child
Verbal De-escalation Techniques
    2 day full course
    1 day refresher course
    Team Practice Sessions
Teambuilding Games
IF there is a training that you are interested in, please contact Shelly Harris 356-5577