School-Wide Positive Behavior

School-Wide Positive Behavior is a framework for making decisions and problem solving to support behaviors. It is not a curriculum, not an intervention, not a practice. It is more a process to change a culture of a school to support positive behavior.
SWPB Basic Practices:
1. There is a common purpose and approach to discipline.
2. There is a clear set of positive expectations and behaviors.
3. There are procedures for teaching expected behavior.
4. There is a continuum of procedures for encouraging expected behavior.
5. There is a continuum of procedures for discouraging inappropriate behavior.
6. There are procedures for on-going monitoring and evaluation.
SW Kansas Schools Implementing SWPB:
1. Ulysses High School
2. Elkhart Elementary
3. Deerfield Elementary
4. Syracuse Elementary
SWPB Links:
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