MTSS Training Resources

What is MTSS?
   a. Core Beliefs
Curriculum: What do we want students to know?
   a. Florida Center for reading research site
   b. Alterable Variables Chart
Instruction: What do we do when students don’t learn
   a. Accommodations list
   b. Nine Highly Effective Instructional Practices
   c. Secondary Reading Strategies for Struggling readers
Data Analysis—How will we know to make changes?
1. PPT
2. Data Collection
3. Worksheets/activities
   a. Writing intervention plans and collecting data
   b. Types of data collected
4. Resources
   a. Setting up Intervention Plans that work
   b. Collecting Data for Student Progress Monitoring.
   a. PBIS websites
   b. ABC Analysis
   c. Punishment vs. Discipline
   d. School Profile on Discipline
   e. Tier II Student Review