The monthly timesheet is available in interactive form for use with Microsoft Excel. If you do not have access to Microsoft Excel through a computer or Google Docs you can use the pdf version which can be opened & printed with Adobe Reader.  The pdf version is not interactive so you will need to complete it by hand and fax to central office.
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1. The time sheets coordinate with each pay period. After you download the appropriate time sheet rename it with the following scheme: Last Name, First Initial, two digit year, and two digit month followed by .xls (i.e. SmithJ1009.xls)

2. Only fields (blanks) that need your input are accessible. A field that you cannot type into is auto filled by the timesheet and your input is not necessary.

3. Enter time for the "In" and "Out" blanks with the time you began or ended working. Indicate if time is AM or PM. To do this enter the time (i.e. 8:00), a space using the spacebar, A for AM or P for PM then the Enter Key. If you get an error it is probably due to incorrectly entering the time.

Example on first line of time sheet: Indicates the employee started work at 8:00 am, left at 10:00 am, returned at 12:30 pm, and then ended the work day at 2:30 pm. Resulting in a total of 4 hours worked for the day.

4. Enter Personal or Sick Leave by entering the quantity of hours in the designated column. The most frequent requested leave (Personal and Sick) have their own column for easy entry and tracking.

5. Enter all other leave types by entering the quantity of hours and leave code in the “Other Leave” columns. Enter the quantity of hours in the left column and enter the leave code in the adjacent right column (leave code abbreviations can be viewed by clicking in the leave code column).
Example: The employee worked 4 hours, reported 1 hour of Sick leave, and 1 hour of inclement weather leave (IP) due to school being dismissed early, for a total of 6 hours reported for the day. You may only use increments of .25 hours (15 minutes). Only record hours in the leave columns for which you have accumulated hours to use.

6. Error! in the Total Columns
A space must be between the time and the AM/PM indicator. Without the space the sheet will not recognize the entry as a time format and this will result in a calculation error. To correct put a space between the time and AM/PM indicator.

7. When the time sheet has been completed it needs to be emailed to your supervisor as an attachment and then after approval it will be emailed to HPEC <>.

Revised 7/2017