HPEC Focus Areas for 2015-2016


1.       Write quality IEPís in a timely fashion

a.       Provide IEP recognition and incentives

b.      Provide IEP training at all categorical meetings, additional training at first to run WebKIDSS

c.       Change over to WebKIDSS

d.      Run dual systems to make transition over from Netchemia to WebKIDSS

2.       Improve instruction

a.       Provide task box training for staff

b.      Utilize Engage via Infinitec for paraeducator training

c.       Use Infinitec for special and general education staff training

d.      Continue training with staff on implicit instruction to improve reading

3.       Collect data to improve services and use of fiscal resources

a.       Work with SWPRSC on MTSS data collection

b.      Integrate student achievement as a measure of teacher evaluation

c.       Compile service time and share at the local district level

d.      Survey teachers and paras to assess best practices

e.       Disaggregate state assessment data to share with teachers

4.       Promote positive behavior supports

a.       Train all new teacher in MANDT before school starts

b.      Offer MANDT training available to the local district

c.       Provide presentations to administrative teams on behavior and emergency safety interventions

d.      Improve the website to provide tools, and templates to do an Functional Behavior Assessment

e.       Continue to encourage and support SWPBS

5.       Increase student independence

a.      Use technology such as text to speech, read aloud programs etc.

b.      Provide student training in the use of technology

c.       Model and encourage student independence

6.       Provide meaningful feedback to teachers

a.       Continue with the new evaluation process

b.      Help staff provide artifacts to support their professional learning plans

c.       Incorporate student growth measures into the evaluation process

d.      Review student data collection and service time

e.       Share para support data collection

7.       Improve student engagement

a.      Model using multiple media presentations. (Project based learning; hands-on; technology.)

b.      Share fundamental principals of academic engagement time with teachers and administration. (Cooperative learning; active learning; revisit Bloomís taxonomy wheel.)

8.       Improve student employment and post secondary outcomes

a.       Keep data on work-study and reinforce teachersí efforts

b.      Provide training to teachers for student self-advocacy skills

9.       Increase use of technology to meet professional development

a.       Continue with blogs and book studies

b.      Provide webinars on HPEC website for technical assistance

10.   Collaborate with community stakeholders

a.       Compass Behavioral Health Services

b.      Southwest Developmental Services

c.       Families Together

d.      Community based preschools

e.       Russell Childhood Development Center