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Board of Directors Policy Handbook 16-17 updated 12/19/16 Negotiated Agreement 16-17
Certified Employee Handbook FY17 Board Provided Benefits
Professional Development Handbook FY17 ETR/IEP & WebKIDSS Manual FY17
Certified Evaluation Process Handbook 15-16 ParaEducator Handbook FY17
Questions Regarding ParaEducators  
Please DO NOT fax the following paperwork: W-4, K-4, I-9 (w/identification), & KPERS, please send in the mail.
New Paras - Payroll Paperwork FY17 Expense Report (Adobe Reader) Application for Leave FY17 (Adobe Reader)
W-4 updated 1/6/17 Expense Report (MS Excel) Application for Leave FY17 (MS Excel)
K-4 updated 1/24/14 Expense Pay Dates FY17 ESY Contract
I-9  updated 1/30/17 Mileage Chart ESY Time Sheets
Health Certificate Direct Deposit ESY Time & Effort
Oath eRequisitions Instructions Meeting Dates FY17
KPERS Membership updated 7/16/15 Workman's Comp Form updated 10/12/15 Important Dates FY17
KPERS Beneficiary updated 8/4/16 Workman's Comp Information updated 8/4/16  
403(b) Plan Information updated 7/20/16