General Assessment


CETE will continue to build on the Math and ELA Assessments which will become the new Math and ELA College & Career Ready Assessment. These assessments now will include performance items that will need to be human scored.

The new science assessment will be field tested and grade levels will be changed to 5th, 8th, and 11th.

The new history/government assessment will be administered.

ELL students will be assessed with the ELPA21 assessment.

The State Board of Education also approved the use of multiple assessments that could be used at the high school level, such as ACT, SAT, CPASS, etc. The KSDE will be submitting an amendment to our waiver this winter for approval of this option.

Additional Information

CETE has developed a new Kansas Assessment Program. This site includes information about the various state assessments Kansas students take as well as information about KITE.

Accommodations Manual - How to Select, Administer & Evaluate Accommodations for Instruction & Assessment

Accommodations List - List of Accommodations for Students with Disabilities