Apps for Special Education - Download Adobe Reader file that contains links to over 200 apps for Special Education. Some of the categories included are Communication, Organization, Reading, Writing, Math, Music, and much more.

More iPad Apps - A list of apps by category & pricing

KidSource OnLine  This website has many product information regarding children and families.

KidSpace  This website covers several topics and is a great homework resource.

Family Education Network  Great family website. Advice for parents with children from birth to age 18.

Helping Your Child Learn Math  This website has fun activities parents can play with their children in all grades. The items needed to play the games can be found in most homes.

Helping Children Succeed in School  This website stresses the importance of parent-teacher communication. It has many helpful tips for parents on how to help their child do better in school.

Welcome, Parents!  This Scholastic website has many ideas for parents to instill a love for learning in their children. It includes information about what parents can do to help their children by going to the link for their child's age.

InetSpuds - Stuff 4 Kids  This website lists many links to websites that have educational activities for children to do. It also has games and homework helps. (all ages)

Parent Center and Baby Center - Tips on a variety of topics and suggestions on how to be a great parent.

Successful Parenting The Child Development Institute has created Parenting 101 as well as other helpful guidelines for raising children and teenagers.