Reading Resource List


Printed Reading Resources by Big Idea

Phonemic Awareness

Phonemic Awareness Activities:  For Early Reading Success (Blevins, 1997 – Scholastic)

Rhymes and Reasons: Literature and Language Play for Phonological Awareness (Opitz, 2000).

Sound-Matching Sheets and Lessons that Build Phonemic Awareness (Wagstaff, 2001)

Working Out with Phonological Awareness (Schreiber, 2000 – Thinking Publications)


Building Words: A Resource Manual for Teaching Word Analysis and Spelling Strategies (Gunning, 2001).

Exploring Word Families (Cernek, 2000 – Creative Teaching Presss)

From Phonics to Fluency (Rasinski & Padak, 2001)

Literature Based Mini Lessons to Teach Decoding and Word Recognition (Lunsford, 2000)

Phonological Awareness and Primary Phonics (Gunning, 2000)

Systematic Sequential Phonics They Use (Cunningham, 2000)

Teaching Phonics and Word Study in the Intermediate Grades (Blevins, 2001 – Scholastic)

Unlocking Literacy: Effective Decoding & Spelling Instruction (Henry, 2003)

Word Family Activity Book (Rosenberg, 2001 – Scholastic)

Word Recognition Activities: Patterns and Strategies for Developing Fluency (Fox, 2003)

Words Their Way (Bear, Invernizzi, Templeton & Johnson, 2004)


Programs/Curricula – Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, and Fluency:

Concept Phonics (Fischer – Oxton House Publishers 1-800-539-READ)

Headsprout Early Reading (

Redding, Pro-Ed, 1996)

Phonological Awareness Kit (Robertson & Salter – LinguiSystems)

Project Read – Language Circle – Phonology Kit (

Road to the Code (Blachmann, Ball, & Tangel, 2000 – Brookes Publishing)

Sing, Spell, Read & Write 2004 (Spanish counterpart)  (Pearson Learning Group – Modern Curriculum Press

Sounds Abound Program (Lenchner and Podhajski – LinguiSystems – 1-800-776-4332)

Sound Partners: A Tutoring Program in Phonics-Based Early Reading (

Stepping Stones to Literacy (

Wilson Reading System – multisensory structured language Orton-Gillingham program (Wilson, 1996)

Word Scramble: A Phonological Awareness and Word-Building Game (Johnson – LinguiSystems)

K-PALS and PALS (Mathes, Clancy-Menchetti, & Torgeson, 2001 -



Building Fluency: Lessons and Strategies for Reading Success (Blevins, 2001 – Scholastic)

Fluency Lessons for the Overhead – Grades 2/3 (Sweeney, 2004 – Scholastic)

The Fluent Reader: Oral Reading Strategies for Building Word Recognition, Fluency, & Comprehension (Raskinski, 2003 – Scholastic)

The Source for Reading Fluency (Swigert, 2003 – LuingiSystems)


Programs/Curricula – Fluency with Connected Text – Vocabulary – Comprehension:

Elements of Reading Fluency (Shanahan et al. – Harcourt Achieve 1-800-531-5015)

Great Leaps Reading Program (  1877-GRLEAPS)

Quick Reads: A Research-Based Fluency Program (Modern Curriculum Press; Pearson Learning)

Read Naturally (


Decodable – Controlled Readers:

High Noon Books – Grade 2-5 interest levels; 1-2nd grade readability, chapter books (

Steps to Success Series – all books follow Orton Gillingham approach; all short vowel stories (Vangar Publishers 304-728-2829)

The Alphabet Series: Bloom (K-3) – Educator’s Publishing Services

Flyleaf Publishing used with Fundations program: 800-449-7006 (

High Frequency Readers: Decodable Readers; Phonics Readers; Bob Books (

Primary Phonics and More Primary Phonics (

Sundance Phonics (



DaisyQuest and Daisy’s Castle (Pro-Ed)

Earobics (

Read, Write and Type! (1-800-674-9126)

Scientific Learning Reading Assistant (

Scott Foresman Reading Fluency Coach (Speech recognition software programs grades 2-6)


Oral Language – Vocabulary/Comprehension:

Bringing Words to Life (Beck, McKeown, & Kucan, 2002)

Snapshots: Literacy Minilessons Up Close (Hoyt, 2000 – Heinemann)

Teaching students to Read Nonfiction Grades 2-4 (Blevins & Boynton, 2004 –

Teaching with Favorite Read-Alouds (Lunsford, 2004 –

Vocabulary Instruction: Research to Practice (Baumann & Kame’enui, 2004)


Programs/Curricula for Oral Language – Vocabulary/Comprehension

Build a Sentence (Creative Teaching Associates/Lakeshore)

Building Language Photo Library (Spanish/English printed words – Lakeshore)

Comprehension Plus (Pearson Learning Group)

Elements of Reading Vocabulary (Beck & McKeown – Harcourt Achieve 1-800-531-5015)

50 Quick-Play Vocabulary Games (Johnson – LinguiSystems)

Language for Learning (There is an Espanol to English component – McGraw-Hill, SRA 1-888-772-4543 -

Speaking and Listening to the English Language (box of photo library cards plus activity guide –

Comprehension and Vocabulary Strategies for the Primary Grades (Johns, Lenski, & Berglund, 2003 –


Resources Covering All 5 Big Ideas

Creating Strategic Readers: Techniques for Developing Competency in Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension (Ellery, 2005 –

Improving Reading: Strategies and Resources (Johns & Lenski, 2005 –