Frequently Asked Special Education Questions about
State Assessments
1.  Do we test home-schooled or partially-enrolled students?
The district need not test students who meet the following conditions:
         the district did not make the placement decision.
         the student is home school or private school enrolled.
         the student is not receiving instruction in the tested content area as part of the district supplied services.
All other students must be tested.

2.  Where can I find the Accommodations Manual?
3.  It is very difficult to find 5 math and 5 reading indicators for some of our very medically fragile children that receive limited homebound services. 
Please remember that some of the very low indicators can still be found in the extended standards, or that the student might meet the definition of being severely incapacitated.
Students Severely Incapacitated for Medical Reasons
If a student is severely incapacitated for medical reasons and the school can document that fact, the studentís
nonparticipation in the assessment does not count against the school.
The school should call Dr. Cheryl Randall regarding a special code for students with extreme medical conditions. 
4.  If an IEP is written in February then the student will only have a month to work on the indicators selected.  Will this be taken into account? 
The indicators for alternate assessment need to be selected at the time that the IEP team determines that the student will take the alternate assessment.  This has been the guidance for the past several years.  We will try to incorporate it into future trainings.
5.  An updated list of frequently asked questions about Kansas Assessments can be found at: